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Narayanrao Chavan Law College, Nanded.

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Welcome to Narayanrao Chavan Law College, Nanded

OUR MISSION “Fiat justitia , ruat coelum”

  • To train law students to become visionaries & legal architects to take up the task of renovating the scales of justice.
  • To play an active & effective role in promoting legal literacy.
  • To strengthen the foundation of legal education by providing ample opportunities to scholars.
  • To promote self-motivation, responsibility for one's own direction of a constant striking for self – improvement.
  • To provide innumerable opportunities for the students & to encourage them to join in community activities beyond the college.
  • To arm young brains with competitive skills & technology & narture holistic developments of learners for better tomorrow.
  • To covert the right candidates to the right jobs through right training & development.

OUR VISION: “Judiciam Dei”

OBJECTIVE: To meet the ever increasing needs of the Legal Education.

GOAL: The goal of the institution is to promote legal education to everyone in the society .No man/women shall be deprived to his/her legal right. This can be achieved by talking legal education to their door steps by arranging Legal Aid Camps. Free legal aid centres, counselling. The young aspirants shall be encouraged to participate in various activities like conferences, competitions, moot courts extensive lectures.

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Principal Message

Shri Sharda Bhavan Education Society's Narayanrao Chavan Law College is one of the premiere institutes in Marathwada Region of Maharashtra. Formerly named as Law College is one of the oldest institutions imparting legal education since 1970. The college was established in the year 1970 by Shri Sharda Bhavan Education Society with a view to gear up the legal education in this region. Dr. S.B. Chavan Sahab the then Home Minister of India and the Founder Member of Shri Sharda Bhavan Educa¬tion Society took initiative in establishing various colleges in this region and Law college was one of the college established for imparting legal education to the poor, needy and downtrodden people. Today Narayanrao Chavan Law College stands with a glorious past and a bright future.

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